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Clinical Supervision

For people working in the helping professions, Family Works Central’s clinical professional supervision service can help you to reflect on your practice and build your knowledge and skills.

Family Works clinical supervision supports your professional and personal development. It helps practitioners develop their knowledge and competence, improve their practice and ensure clients receive quality care and support.

Regular external supervision is part of the expectation for professional membership and accreditation for most professional bodies.

Family Works have a number of qualified and highly experienced clinical/professional supervisors who are able to work with you to reflect on your practices and experiences to improve the effectiveness of your work, and deal with challenges in a positive way. The service is suitable for a range of professionals including social workers, counsellors, child care workers, field workers, support workers and managers.


Accessing Family Works Central’s clinical supervision service

Family Works Central offers clinical/professional supervision in Whanganui,  Wairarapa and Taranaki.

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