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Paper Published by Family Works Counsellor

Family Works Whanganui counsellor Lisa Chaplow had a paper published in the New Zealand Journal of Counselling in late 2019.

Titled ‘School-based mindfulness programmes – are they effective or developmentally inappropriate?’, the paper analyses studies of national and international mindfulness-based programmes for children aged from five to 12 who are experiencing anxiety.

Lisa says she became interested in the topic during her time as a teacher in Alaska where she met children who struggled with anxiety, especially around academic testing times.

“Mindfulness and yoga were some of the ways I tried working with my students.”

Lisa completed the paper in 2016 as part of a Masters of Counselling through Massey University.

“I was delighted to get an A+ for my research, and the suggestion from my markers to look to publish it.”

The published paper can be found in Vol. 39 of the NZ Journal of Counselling. You can follow the link here.