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Strengthening Families

If your family is being supported by more than one community organisation or government service, Strengthening Families may be for you.

Strengthening Families brings together all of the people and organisations that are, or could be, supporting you. This means you’ll only have to tell your story once and everyone gets to hear the ‘whole picture’. No more repeating yourself to each organisation!

Through Strengthening Families you, and the rest of your family, decide who is involved, then everyone agrees on a plan which will include:

  • recognition of your family’s strengths and ways to build on them
  • addressing your family’s concerns and priorities
  • co-ordinating the work of all agencies involved
  • identifying any unmet needs or gaps in services and develop strategies to solve them.

Strengthening Families is all about making sure you’re getting all the support you need to make positive changes and truly thrive. The focus is always on plans for the future, rather than what might have gone wrong in the past.

Available in…

Strengthening Families is a government-funded initiative and is available throughout New Zealand. Family Works Central has Strengthening Families coordinators in Upper Hutt, Wairarapa, Taranaki and Whanganui.