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Family violence safety support

Family violence is never ok. No-one should be frightened of, scared by, or hurt by someone in their family.

Family violence can take many forms. It’s family violence when someone in your family scares or intimidates you; makes you feel isolated and alone; touches you in a way you don’t like; threatens you; damages property and possessions to scare you; uses emotional and physical power to control you; hits, pushes, bites, chokes or strangles you; or makes you feel scared of what might happen next.

Are you in immediate danger?

If you, or someone you know, is in immediate danger as a result of family violence or the threat of violence don’t hesitate to call 111 and ask for police.

Family Works family violence safety programmes

At Family Works we want to make sure Aotearoa New Zealand is the best to grow up –  place where all children are safe, families and whānau are strong and communities are connected. That means supporting individuals, families and whānau to live a life free from violence, abuse, bullying and neglect.

Family Works Central’s family violence safety support and programmes include the following:

  • specialist trauma counselling for children, teenagers and adults who have experienced family violence
  • couples and relationship counselling
  • supporting safety programmes that help the victims of family violence to be safe
  • family therapy
  • group support programmes, like Free to be Me, for both children and adults
  • support and education programmes, like Boundaries and the Good Fathers Programme, to help you recognise and develop health relationships
  • parenting support, advice and education to help you to development positive parenting skills.

Specialist support for children

For children, Family Works’ child and family therapists tailor services to match the child’s age and stage. That’s because violence makes children feel scared, anxious, guilty and alone; it affects the way children learn, grow and develop. 

Remember, children are affected by family violence whether they see it, hear it or just know about it.

Are struggling to control your anger?

If you’re struggling to control your anger, or your fists, but don’t want to feel that way, we can support you to choose a better way of dealing with your feelings. We can provide specialist counselling, group support programmes such as the Good Fathers programme, or make a referral to a Stopping Violence Programme in your area.

Accessing Family Work Central’s family violence safety and prevention services

Accessing our services is easy.

All you need to do is give us a call on 0800 FAM WORKS or contact us using the form below. Our friendly and approachable team members will talk with you about how we can support you and your family. Most Family Works family violence safety support programmes are provided free-of-charge.