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Become a Family Works Guardian Angel

For just $1 a day you can give positive and lasting help to children and families in need across the lower North Island.


Family Works Guardian Angels make a regular donation to Family Works and know that each day, every day, they are keeping children safe and supporting families and whānau to be stronger, more resilient and to build a brighter future free from violence, poverty and hardship.

Being a Guardian Angel is the best way to make sure children and families in your community get the help and lasting skills they need.  The need is urgent.

Who am I helping?

Family Works’ vision is for Aotearoa New Zealand to be the best place in the world to grow up – a place where all children are safe, families and whānau are strong and communities are connected.

Family Works Guardian Angels share this vision and every day they do their bit to make it happen.

Family Works Guardian Angels help families escape poverty and unsafe housing.

You’ll help families like Daniel* and his daughter Fleur* who found themselves living in a tent in the middle of winter, or Mums like Diane* who sometimes have to choose between paying the bills or buying groceries so the children can eat. As a Guardian Angel you’ll help families access services such as social work, advocacy and food parcels.

Family Works Guardian Angels help keep women and children safe from family violence and abuse.

You’ll help teenagers, like Mia*, who at 16-years-old is pregnant and living with a man who says he loves her one minute and hits her the next. Or, the children whose Mum has told them to hide in the wardrobe when Dad gets angry and beats her. As a Guardian Angel, you’ll help these children and their families access family violence safety programmes, counselling, social work and advocacy, and group support programmes.

Family Works Guardian Angels help broken families to manage their grief and loss.

You’ll help children like Holly* who feels like her Dad just died after he stormed from the house telling her Mum he was never coming back. You’ll help teenagers like Nicky* who fought with Mum just hours before Mum was killed suddenly in a car accident. As a Guardian Angel, you’ll give these children and families access to counselling, mediation, family therapy and parenting support.

Family Works Guardian Angels help children and families facing such complex challenges that it’s hard to imagine.

Children like Ellie who gets teased at school for being smelly and dirty, who steals other children’s lunch because she doesn’t have her own, who lives in a house where the adults are unemployed, loud and violent. You’ll help young people like Kurt* who turned to a gang for help and support after his Dad went to jail and his Mum kicked him out after he stole money. 

How can I become a Guardian Angel?

If you would like to become a Family Works Guardian Angel and make a regular monthly donation you can do so online, via bank transfer or by calling us on 0800 20 50 80.

Set up a regular credit card donation

Use our secure online donation form to make a regular donation using your credit card. All you need to do is select the amount you’d like to give, the frequency and select ‘become a Guardian Angel’ and enter your credit card details.

Become a Guardian Angel over the phone

To become a Guardian Angel over the phone call our friendly team on 0800 20 50 80 and we’ll talk you through the process.