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Protecting children

The safeguarding of children and the protection of vulnerable adults is paramount in all Family Works does.

Family Works focuses on families and whānau because we know that children and young people flourish when their family and communities are safe, strong and connected.


The harakeke (flax)

The harakeke plant, like the one depicted in our logo, is an important symbol for Family Works as it symbolises the wellbeing of children, family and whānau.

The new leaf at the centre of the harakeke represents the tamaiti (child), while the larger leaves on the outside symbolise the mātau (parents), kuia (grandmother) and koro (grandfather), the whānaunga (extended family) and other tautoko (support).

The roots of the flax plant offer important symbolism too – they represent the sustenance needed for the child, the family, the whānau, and the flax, to grow and flourish.


Child protection policy

The safety and wellbeing of children and young people is the primary concern in all we do.

Family Works Child Protection Policy outlines our commitment to child safety and protection and our legal responsibilities. The policy also provides protocols for recognising and responding to actual and suspected cases of abuse and neglect. Contact Family Works Central for a copy of our child protection policy.