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Family Works Central Services

Family Works services create positive and lasting change.


Family Works Central provides a wide range of social services that build on the strengths and resources a person or family already possess. These effective services and wrap-around support range from prevention to early intervention and intensive casework.

Family Works Central range of programmes, services and support broadly fit within the following categories.

  • Social work and advocacy
  • Counselling and therapy, including counselling for individuals and couples, family therapy, specialist children’s counselling and play therapy
  • Mediation and dispute resolution
  • Parenting advice and education
  • Family violence prevention and safety
  • Mentoring and support for children and young people
  • Community re/integration
  • Clinical supervision and professional development for the social service sector.


In addition to the services listed above, Family Works Central often works with other organisations and groups to develop programmes that respond to particular local needs.

For a more extensive list of current Family Works Central services use the service directory on the Need Help page.